How to Learn the Basics of Fine Woodworking

@zoe Even basic fine woodworking requires some pretty serious shop tools, but there are ways around making a crazy investment like that.
  1. First thing is YouTube. I know that sounds weird but it's a quick and easy way to watch someone make basic stuff and basic joints and see the basic way they use main shop tools.
    I watch clips all the time. Great way to get inspired and find clever solutions to tough problems.
  2. 1. Have a friend or friend of a friend who has a shop.
    I've never met a woodworker who wasn't kind enough to show someone around. The whole trade is very "mentor/apprentice" style, so that usually translated to folks' general attitude towards educating.
  3. OR
  4. 2. Live someplace where there's a community woodshop.
    Most major cities have a least one. They're small businesses that have stocked shops where you can take classes and more experienced folks will come to use the shop on their own time. The classes are a great way to get rolling. You give them money, they give you instruction and materials.
  5. Buy some cheap hardwood (alder is the best hardwood to start learning on)
  6. Go to shop per above answer to 1 OR 2.
  7. Try, fail. Try again, fail slightly less.
  8. Repeat countless times until your death, failing slightly less each time.
  9. Avoid loss of digits. Far as I know, they do not grow back.