I guess Brooklyn isn't my home anymore?

Had a fun but strange visit to my hometown last month. Been thinking about it.
  1. On day 1 of my visit I walked through my old hood, Park Slope, on the way to TechCrunch.
  2. Park Slope has turned a corner. It's not even upper middle class anymore, it's just straight rich. No judgement there, it's just very very different from my experience with it.
  3. Decided to walk past my childhood home, which my parents sold last July after 35 years there.
  4. It felt weird walking down the street. Familiar but no more warm fuzzies anymore like when i came home for breaks from college.
  5. Got to the house.
  6. Huge dumpster outside. Construction permits on the door and windows. They're probably gutting it.
  7. The curtains I was too lazy to take down during the big move were still there, looking dingy.
  8. I thought I'd be sadder, but I wasn't.
  9. Felt a real sense of closure for the first time since starting this prolonged LA transition, I guess that's good. But it all still feels weird.
  10. 😕?