Initial Observations in Oregon by a First Time Visitor, Part 1

We've been here a week. I'm into it. Will post another list of observations at the end of our second week.
  1. The speed limits are respected.
    In LA, I drive the speed limit and people try to run my grandma-lookin' ass off the road. Here, the speed limit is just that, a limit. I've driven for over a week now on scenic roads below the speed limit; not one honk, not one tailgate, nothing.
  2. Everyone drives a Subaru.
    I now understand how this company stays in business: the fiercely loyal patronage of Pac-Northwest.
  3. There are no police.
    As far as I can tell, no official officers of the peace exist and law is self-enforced by the citizens of Oregon. It suppose who needs police when everyone's blissfully driving 5mph under the limit in their 4x4 Subies.
  4. Bernie Sanders is very popular here.
    He's not some radical that people shrug off, not round these parts. From the bumper stickers, lawn signs, and overheard conversations, it seems Oregonians are really feeling the Bern.
  5. No one is terribly fashionable or trying to be cool.
    99% of people wear practical clothes appropriate to the cold, wet climate. I like this very much.