Initial Observations in Oregon From a First Time Visitor, Part 2

Just got home after finishing up Week Two of our delightful journey. Getting into the deep tracks here.
  1. Their BUMP / ROUGH ROAD signs.
    STRONG misnomer. Slow way down, be ready to act fast, it's not a bump or some loose gravel coming up, it's a fucking Martian crater.
  2. Their Ketchup brand allegiance.
    There is no Heinz ketchup in Oregon. Instead, a local brand dominates. Don't get me wrong, this organic, vegan, GMO-free 'Portland Ketchup' is delicious, but the tacit statewide agreement between all pubs to banish Heinz and use the stuff is a something else.
  3. Their affinity for Glass blowing studios.
    I posit that there are more in Oregon than the other 49 combined.
  4. Their blinding love of Oyster shooters.
    Every last pub on the coast has oyster shooters in the menu. I haven't found a single establishment that simply serves them on the half shell. I like to add my own amount of cocktail sauce, horseradish and lemon. Let me do me, Oregon.
  5. Their beards.
    I can't believe how real this was. ALL THE BEARDS. EVERYWHERE. For example, In the airport, there was a large poster advertisement for an online Oregon college. It featured an industrious young fellow, smiling and ready to get cracking, in a suit and tie. He was also wearing a 4" thick full beard.
  6. Their purposeful removal of stock polished alloy wheels from one's own upscale car, replaced by simple & rugged black steel wheels.
    Might sound weird, but this was my favorite. A subtle but perfect example of a larger Oregon trend that could be a whole list in and of itself: the conscious decision of wealthy Oregonians to appear rugged whenever possible. I saw innumerable new, upscale cars (usually Subarus, duh) with the stock wheels purposefully swapped out for black, industrial steel wheels.