Irrational Fears I Have

We all have our ticks. These are mine.
  1. Moths
    When I was about 7, was awoken to what sounded like a legit helicopter right next to my ear. Turned out to be a hairy moth of about 7" wingspan. White knuckles, motherfucking terror ensued. To this day, I cannot handle them.
  2. Riding a horse
    The story of Christopher Reeve was told to me at an impressionable age. Now I'm too terrified to ride a horse even though it looks super fun and I really want to try it.
  3. Being late to the movies
    Consequently I arrive 20 minutes early and sit through that awful rubbish before the previews.
  4. Contacts
    Touching my eyeballs and sticking plastic on them on a daily basis? Certainly not. I'll stick to glasses.