Only in La, Vol 1: Ridiculous Cars Seen Every Day

  1. Murdered out black Range Rovers
    They're everywhere. Truly. A soccer mom favorite. As ubiquitous as GM cars in rural areas.
  2. White on white Mercedes AMG G Wagons
    A favorite amongst the Brentwood and 90210 teeny boppers. Princesses should always be rolling like princesses.
  3. Ferrari 360 & 458
    Never seen so many in a single place, parked on the streets, outside the coffee shops. Ain't no thang. I especially love this one because of all the traffic here. It's like keeping a lion in a box. Shame...
  4. Bentley Continental convertibles
    It seems this car is a commonly gifted to the west side's many bleach blonde trophy wives.
  5. Matte black wraps on pretty much anything
    It's not just for illegal street racers and Saudi princes. You can do it too!