Only in La, Vol 2: Driving Etiquette

At least in this respect, it still is Wild West out here.
  1. No one signals. Ever.
    In most of the US there's a solid mix of signalers and non-signalers. In LA, it's on par with unicorn sitings. Either on the neighborhood street at 15mph or the highway at 80mph, always be ready for someone to veer right in front of you or just turn when the spirit moves them. Sure, why not. What could go wrong.
  2. Tailgating is the way of the road.
    In NYC, when someone is tailgating you it's usually because they're an asshole chomping at the bit to get past you, for whatever reason. In LA, people just drive 5 feet off your bumper going 70mph as a matter of course. They're not in a rush. They're not assholes. That's just how they drive. Sure, why not. What could go wrong.
  3. Speed Limit + 20mph = Go faster
    Like going 75 in a 65? Get your grandma driving ass into the right lane before you start to riot. In those early morning or late night rare moments when the 10, 405, or 101 aren't jammed, no one seems concerned with the safety or legal ramifications of driving 85mph. Sure, why not. What could go wrong.
  4. TBC. Other LA-specific vehicular grievances welcome!