Our First House Guest in Topanga

Apparently I'm renting Slytherin West.
  1. I tend to leave the doors open during the day when I'm home, to get a good breeze and let the day's heat into the house.
  2. 6PM rolls around today, getting a little chilly. Time to close up.
  3. I go downstairs, and out of the corner of my eye I see something in the doorway of the guest bedroom.
  4. Could it be? Nah, how could it get all the way in here. He's like 4 rooms from the nearest outside door.
  5. Yep, that's a four foot long snake. Straight chillin'.
  6. How the fuck am I going to get him out of here? I don't want to kill him. I'd be sad, and there would certainly be blood.
  7. I call @fats and curtly ask for my momma. This is not his domain. He's more of an "I need a great pun, it's an emergency." guy.
  8. We discuss, and agree the use a broom to shepherd him into a paper shopping bag, which I can then take outside.
  9. He wants to leave too, so he coils up as to be more efficiently swept. So considerate.
  10. He is back outside where he belongs now. I hope I didn't traumatize him too much.
  11. Thanks to Ralph's for their help in resolving this matter.