Recurring Themes of My Instagram Explore Tab

Sometimes spot on, sometimes totally wrong, always interesting. Thanks, people I follow/America.
  1. The Pac-NW outdoors.
    Well done, more please.
  2. All things Bicycle.
    Well done, more please.
  3. Selfies/glamour shots of nearly nude beautiful women.
    Great in theory, creepy but fascinating as Instaporn.
  4. Selfies/glamour shots of nearly nude studly gay men.
    Not my jam personally, but I find this Instaporn niche most fascinating.
  5. Adorable Insta-dogs.
    😃🐶 arf.
  6. Vintage Porsches.
    Yes, pls.
  7. Extremely douchey people doing extremely douchey things.
    No thank you. Find better friends, friends.
  8. Architecture/interior design/furniture design.
    Yes, pls.
  9. Funny pop culture memes.
    Most of them float over my head, but the ones I do understand are funny. Sure, why not.