Scenes from the glamorous world of woodworking

  1. Gluing at weird angles....
  2. Shelve top, drying. Literally watching paint dry
  3. Rarely, there are these nice moments when things actually work during dry fit (no glue) tests. 🤓🍸
  4. So many clamps, even more joints, so little time before the glue dries. Not recommended for stress relief.
  5. A table, getting settled in its new home.
  6. New hand saw. Cuts flush dowels real nice.
  7. Frame parts for my latest Milton Glaser prints.
  8. Sexy grain.
  9. About to go apply finishing oil.
  10. Box o' box joints
  11. Digging this drawer face.
  12. Done!
  13. Done!
  14. Work bench for home almost ✅
  15. New serving tray getting its stain on
  16. Finished tray ready to transport excessive quantities of cheese, olives, prosciutto, and wine.