So What's on the Other Side of That Mountain Ridge West of Stanford/sv...?

  1. Enough world class nature and funky coastal towns to knock your urban socks off. Let's dig in.
  2. Windy Hill
    Minutes from Palo Alto, tons of trails for hiking or mountain biking.
  3. Monte Bello
    Beautiful park with trails that wrap the edges of the skyline range. Only 20min from Palo Alto/campus.
  4. Archangeli Bakery
    Pick out a warm fresh baked Artichoke & Garlic bread loaf and eat the whole thing.
  5. Cameron's pub
    Corny but awesome. If you're feeling adventurous, try a mudball: pint of Guinness with a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream.
  6. Apple Jacks
    An experience. Do not come in here dressed like an urbanite. Ken Kesey used to get ripped here. La Honda is a weird and mysterious town comprised of no nonsense country folk and some truly interesting recluses.
  7. Stage Rd
    No landmark to speak of, just a truly breathtaking stretch of road overlooking the ocean and the mountain range.
  8. To be continued!