➕ Some Apps I'm Liking at the Moment

Excluding The List App, duh. Feel free to add on!! Cc: @jon
  1. Going Down
    Thx to @privateshannon for this incredible recommendation. Shows you the real odds of your flight going down.
  2. Spotify
    Best $10 / mth I have or likely ever will spend. All the tunes.
  3. Boggle
    So much fun, and brain teasing enough that I feel productive. My favorite single player word game.
  4. Dasher
    Fun messaging app, all about dem gifs
  5. Trulia
    My friend that helps me housebrowse.
  6. Reserve
    Finds you hard to snag tables at cool restaurants. Concierge fee is only $5 and at the end of the meal you're presented with a card letting you know the check is taken care of via cc stored on your phone. The controversial part is this: if tables are super hard to come by, you can offer to pay more than the standard concierge fee in order to plead your case. I feel conflicted about this but I've been using it for 6 months and never had to pay more though so ymmv.
    Suggested by   @aminatou
  7. Slack
    I hope it replaces email very soon!
    Suggested by   @aminatou