Some Photos I Took on Our Oregon Trip

Last Oregon list, I promise (maybe).
  1. Sunset at Yachats.
    Adorable, desolate town, my favorite of the trip.
  2. Halley surveys a massive 500 year old tree.
    Beyond my talents to capture adequately.
  3. Sunset at Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach
    I mean, come on.
  4. I went to town at @powellsbooks. So much vintage Agatha.
  5. Exploring the awesome tidal pools just south of Yachats.
    I could stand out there and watch these for hours. Mesmerizing.
  6. Morning clouds hang low in Astoria.
    A beautifully grim, spooky industry town.
  7. Hiking through Ecola State Park, Cannon Beach
  8. Columbia Gorge looking all Hogwarts Bay.
    Cue the credits.
  9. Electric green everywhere, Columbia Gorge.
    Nature was making some colors even Pantone can't repro.
  10. Spooky gloom, Hood River.
  11. Latourell Falls after 3 weeks of heavy rain.
    Not a good enough photographer to do this justice. The sound was deafening, the scale was wild. Imagine an endless school bus of water continuously falling 500 feet and crashing on the rocks.
  12. The sun came out on our last day. Here we are in bustling Willamette Valley. I could have taken a nap in the road.