Some Questions I Have

I'd legitimately like answers to all of these.
  1. What are "woes"? (as used by the youth on social media)
  2. Why do the Franco brothers sound like they're from Queens despite being born and raised in Palo Alto?
  3. Why doesn't toothpaste cost more? If you think about how much a tube costs and how long it lasts for, it's like 1.6 cents a day.
  4. Do people who tailgate and zig zag between the lanes in dense traffic really think there's a way through the traffic or do they just enjoy driving that way?
  5. Why do some bars have the music so loud that no one can speak to one another?
    Side question: do some folks actually like it that way?
  6. Is Kanye West pretending?
  7. How do telemarketers keep from becoming cripplingly discouraged?
  8. Are avocados actually healthy? They seem too tasty to truly be so.
  9. Why didn't Tim Curry become incredibly successful and famous?