Some Things I Take Seriously

  1. Getting the right prosciutto.
    Right cut. Just enough fat, not too lean. Sliced paper thin. Wax paper between layers so pieces don't stick to one another.
  2. Sweatpants
    All cotton, no poly. Slimmer cut but not hipster snug. Varying weights for location/time of day. Ample options across color spectrum.
  3. Taking great care of my beautiful wifey.
    She's so tiny, gotta always be on guard, make sure she doesn't get squished by a passerby. @Grosstastic
  4. The List App
    You might have guessed, but @bjnovak and I are swinging for the fences.
  5. Being a good tipper to waiters.
    If waiter/bartender is cool, they get at least 20%. It's a tough job!
  6. Frequent road trips.
    It's important to get the fuck out of dodge on a regular basis.