Things I'd Missed About NYC

Been about 6 months since my hometown and I had some quality time. Finally we have a week together.
  1. How relaxing the subway is.
    What a pleasure to sit back, play Boggle, and be whisked to my destination. Driving just sucks, in LA or otherwise.
  2. The delicious, greasy by-the-slice pizza by my house.
    Got home from JFK, dropped off roller bag, went straight there.
  3. Using cash monies.
    Went to get the above mentioned pizza and realized I was fully unprepared. Went to an ATM for first time in months.
  4. Walking considerable distances.
    Shame on you, LA. Walking is the best. So withholding.
  5. Friends and family.
    I wish all these poopfaces would just move out west already.
  6. Prospect Park
    She makes herself nice.
  7. More as the week goes on...