Things I Know How to Build

Req by @sophia. Feels braggy, but I answer my list requests! (Except from @mkz nobody can keep up with that list request machine)
  1. Wood Furniture
    Chairs, benches, picture frames, cheese trays, learning more and more as I go. If you're in LA and interested, check out
  2. Apps, websites.
    Fortunate to work with awesome people and learn every day from @mkz, @x, @chandu, @to_soham, @charlie, many others
  3. Basic stuff via welding steel.
    Tables, stools, shelves, etc. My favorite furniture is made of both metal and wood.
  4. Those 3-D popup cards of famous buildings, cityscapes, geometric patterns.
  5. Bicycles.
  6. Cocktails.
    Grey area, but my game is strong so including.
  7. Ok, I'm stuck now. End of list.