Things I Love About India

Spent around 3 months there through 2012-2013. Mainly in a city called Pune, not too far from Mumbai.
  1. The colors.
    Vibrant colors are everywhere, so much more than in the west.
  2. The "holy shit I'm about to die. I suppose I had a good life." nature of the motor traffic.
    It's down right terrifying, especially on the highways, but ultimately an effective way to become comfortable with situations beyond your control.
  3. Auto rickshaws.
    Dirt cheap and fun way to get around. Some day if will figure out how to import one and drive it around Sanibel/Captiva myself just for kicks.
  4. The wedding processions.
    They take over the whole street with cars, elephants, trucks, whatever. All adorned to the hilt, mind you. Huge speakers, music blaring, everyone partying their balls off down a crowded road in the middle of the day.
  5. Holi
    It's a festival every spring where everyone, and I mean everyone from grandmas to the infants, runs around town with dry colored powder and colored water and throws it at each other.
  6. As a westerner, it's pretty much Mars the first time you go.
  7. The status cows have.
    Yes, everyone knows cows are holy in India, buts in another thing to see them in a crowded intersection at night and everyone's just rolling with it.