Things I've Become OK With in the Past Few Years

Have been really digging my late 20s with regard to living well in my own skin.
  1. Being nerdy.
    I wear my nerd badge every day.
  2. Letting some friends down by being less social than they are.
    Turns out they're fine with it. The ones that aren't: ✌️. But like a gentle, kind ✌️, not a 👊😭✌️.
  3. Some people just not liking me.
    Sometimes it's just not meant to be. No use trying to woo those where the love ain't there.
  4. Embracing the weird in people.
    It's just more fun this way.
  5. Letting friendships fade away when it's time.
    Can't force it. The great ones stick about, through the combination of your efforts and theirs to maintain something that's mutually awesome. The others don't.
  6. The prospect of being a dad.
    Most of this is because @Grosstastic is glorious and I can't wait to make babies with her. But still pretty crazy feeling to be like "Given the choice I'd wait a year or two, but if it happens now that's cool." @fats set a high bar for 'dad', so it's the term carries weight for me.