Things Norway Does Really Well ❤️🇳🇴

I love Norway so hard. @savoy @sondrelerche @Becky
  1. Ports.
    Adorbz. Bergen.
  2. Publicly funded art.
    Let's have naked line dance.
  3. Heated sidewalks
    Yep, you heard right. When you're an oil empire in Northern Europe, you can, should and do get all fancy like this. #shopuntilyoudropin30degreesbelowzero
  4. Fjords, bays, etc
  5. Chocolate
    If you haven't tasted Freia chocolate, you know nothing Jon Snow.
  6. Appreciating summer
    20 hours of sunlight and everyone is pretty much dancing naked with joy. Some folks actually are.
  7. Trains
    They're clean, on time, and travel through some of the most obscenely beautiful terrain that exists.
  8. Fish
    We just went to the no frills supermarket, got some raw salmon, brought it back, cut it up, dipped it in soy sauce, ate it. WHAT.
  9. Small coastal towns.
    Stupidly stunning. Again and again.
  10. Gloom.
    Such nice gloom.