This Beta

In short, you're all so goddamn awesome that I can't process it.
  1. In a few more words:
  2. A year ago, I had vague hypotheses on how it might play out, but there just wasn't anything even close to predict against.
  3. My Hail Mary hope was that we'd see a light scattering of self expressive lists amongst a sea of practical, recommendation-focused lists.
  4. I believed emotional lists would be powerful and could co-exist beautifully with practical lists but I also knew it was a lot of ask. I didn't want to get my hopes up, for anything really.
  5. Well, you proved me so wrong and I've never been happier.
  6. Turns out, The List App isn't about any one type of lists.
  7. It's about providing a simple, intuitive canvas for you all to each do your own unique, awesome thing.
  8. It's about people, expressing themselves through lists, about anything and everything.
  9. And that's just so fucking cool.
  10. The team and I are honored to provide that canvas for you.
  11. This week the app is going live to the world.
  12. I believe that the next phase of The List App is going to be incredible.
  13. I believe that because of you guys, and the incredible, unimaginable heights you've taken us with this simple canvas.
  14. So, thanks!! You're all so goddamn awesome that I can't process it.
  15. ❤️ - Dev