What's Your Favorite Vinyl Record Artwork?

Looking for your favorite ARTWORK. Doesn't necessarily have to be your favorite albums.
  1. Queen - News of The World
    This album happens to coincidentally be excellent.
  2. Donovan - Cosmic Dancer
    Inside cover is the really winner here.
  3. Beck - The Information
    After years of eBay searching, I snagged this. Beyond the awesome graph paper exterior, included in this epic box set are a custom comic/coloring book, a custom set of pens for said coloring, and a custom sticker set.
  4. Kraftwerk / Tour De France
    Suggested by   @jeremysomething
  5. Supermodel - Foster the People
    The poem written on it is just 😍
    Suggested by   @shannon521
  6. Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
    I was totally entranced with this album as a kid when I found it in my mom's collection. I was so strange. Cracks me up because it's so opposite of any design I'm drawn to now, but it'll always hold a weird, special little place in my heart.
    Suggested by   @maggieannre
  7. Black Flag - My War
    A perfect match of imagery and music.
    Suggested by   @angusisley
  8. The Sound of The Life and the Mind - Ben Folds Five
    Suggested by   @k8mcgarry
  9. Hellogoodbye - Everything is Debatable
    Suggested by   @srush
  10. Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold as Love
    Suggested by   @john
  11. Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
    Suggested by   @MatthewAlmont
  12. The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico
    Suggested by   @element75
  13. Post - Bjork
    Suggested by   @element75
  14. Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division
    Suggested by   @element75
  15. Some Girls - Rolling Stones
    Suggested by   @element75
  16. Kiln House- Fleetwood Mac
    Suggested by   @nervesofscared
  17. Yaz - Upstairs At Eric's
    Suggested by   @lorimcs
  18. The Arcs - Yours, Dreamily,
    Suggested by   @beatlesmccuen
  19. Steely Dan - Can't Buy a Thrill
    Suggested by   @beatlesmccuen
  20. The Beatles - Abbey Road
    Suggested by   @beatlesmccuen
  21. The Best of Blondie
    But first--That Queen album cover! I have a list about album covers from my youth languishing in drafts and that Queen one is #2. Obviously Blondie is #1! But now I think you're super cool 😜
    Suggested by   @TT
  22. As Tall As Lions - You Can't Take It With You
    Suggested by   @lesleyann
  23. All of Santana's albums have dope artwork
    Suggested by   @HisDudeness
  24. John Mayer (@john) - Paradise Valley
    So much Visvim.
    Suggested by   @myuros
  25. "Rubber Factory" The Black Keys
    Suggested by   @Emily_Horgan
  26. Alagoas - Alagoas
    Suggested by   @warman
  27. Animal Collective - Feels
    Suggested by   @slicedbreadtime
  28. Great music too
    Suggested by   @PerfectReject
  29. 6 Feet Beneath the Moon- King Krule
    Suggested by   @rosiewelles
  30. And this, naturally.
    Suggested by   @saytrumbo
  31. Sgt. Pepper's!!
    Suggested by   @nicholeweeks
  32. More Songs About Buildings and Food - Talking Heads
    Suggested by   @saytrumbo
  33. Skeletal Lamping - Of Montreal (And Hissing Fauna cd album over the vinyl)
    Suggested by   @aguo
  34. Engelbert Humperdink. This is one of my favorite album covers because it employs a typographic solution that anyone who has ever handwritten a sign has employed at some point. His name just wouldn't fit.
    Suggested by   @teddy
  35. Arctic Monkeys - AM
    Suggested by   @krmckinstry
  36. The Division Bell by Pink Floyd
    Suggested by   @aed212
  37. Radio Moscow- Brain Cycles
    Suggested by   @sswyryt
  38. And the greatest album ever made that Joy Division totally ripped off
    Suggested by   @sswyryt
  39. Barry White - I've Got So Much To Give
    (and it's right there in his hands)
    Suggested by   @kristenannn
  40. Todd Rundgren - A Wizard, A True Star (1973)
    Suggested by   @dixonsb2
  41. Nils frahm
    Love the cover. Great tunes
    Suggested by   @danverdeja