Where's The Power Button? A Brief Tale of Prius Withdrawal

Driving a rental car this week, first time not driving my lovely Prius in a long time. My muscle memory is lagging behind.
  1. I keep tapping the area to the right of the steering wheel and expecting the car to go on.
    It does not.
  2. I keep putting the keys in the cup holder, not thinking they are actually required in some way.
    They are required.
  3. I keep trying to shift gears all joystick-like without depressing a shift button.
    This is not allowed.
  4. I keep on looking at the space where the radio is while backing up but it doesn't show me what's behind me.
    There is no camera.
  5. I keep walking up to it and pulling the door handle, expecting it to unlock itself.
    It does not unlock.
  6. I miss my Prius.