Where We Go From Here

It looks like The List App is growing up pretty fast, huh? That’s a great thing! But growing up means growing pains, so let’s talk it out.
  1. Social media is inherently chaotic, emotional, challenging. Add to this that we are young, SO young. Yet already I see something exceptional: a flourishing community built on positivity, safety, honesty, emotionality, and respect. Thanks to this incredible early community, I believe that as we grow, we’ll be even better.
  2. The first thing I want to make clear is how much we care. We live and breathe The List App, and we take infinite pride in the brilliance and diversity of this community. We show your lists to friends on our phones like a new parent proudly showing baby pictures. You are so dope.
  3. We take any pain that we see on here very personally. Have I cried over the past week? Yes. Have I lost sleep? Yes. I am personally invested in your experience. It is my highest priority.
  4. I want for each of you a flawless, fantastic experience on The List App, whatever that means for you. Of course, such a utopia isn’t quite possible. But it doesn’t keep the team and me from trying, every day, all day.
  5. Nurturing a safe, positive, respectful community as it grows rapidly is wildly complicated. There’s a line between free self-expression and safe self-expression. It is grey AF, constantly evolving, and ultimately needs to be handled on a human level, case by case.
  6. I strongly encourage everyone to read our Community Guidelines. I mean it, read them. We take this very seriously and, as such, wrote out our intentions quite clearly: https://li.st/community.
  7. I also want to remind you about how you can help. For a new product, we’ve got a very solid reporting system that we’ve put a lot of effort into building. You can report comments, lists, and accounts that you think violate our Community Guidelines. It goes straight to a section of our internal system where we review and make decisions.
  8. But it’s useless without you. So far, the awesome fervor of our community is not yet reflected here. The reporting system goes largely unused, while comments and lists about potential violations abound.
  9. For us to do the best by you, please report anything you think is over the line. We’ll look into it and if we concur, that piece of content or account is out. You can also email us any time at support@li.st.
  10. We all want something unique out of our experience here, both overall and day to day. Think of it as the ‘Pictures of Cute Puppies < > Raw & Painful Emotions’ spectrum.
  11. No choice is wrong. That such a range of self expression can coexist is what makes this community so powerful, so special. We should all strive to be accepting and respectful of where we each fall along that spectrum.
  12. The List App wasn’t meant to be one big circle of homogeneous people, thoughts and opinions. It’s meant to be an endless Venn diagram of overlapping, diverse communities who excite, inspire and challenge each other. I think we’re seeing that evolution start to happen. That’s great! I’m really excited about it.
  13. However, that means we’re all going to encounter folks with whom we don't agree; folks whose opinions make our blood boil. That, in and of itself, is not something we are able to, or intend to, police.
  14. Though, as I said above, if you feel someone has crossed the line, please report it. But until that line is reached, let’s all choose to invoke the more loving, tolerant part of ourselves that makes this community so special.
  15. This, right now, in these very early days of The List App, is our moment.
  16. We have an opportunity to collectively make the conscious decision not to devolve into the atmosphere we’re so sick of being inundated with elsewhere, to raise ourselves to a higher level of respectful discourse, no matter how fervently we disagree.
  17. We will do our part and I ask you to do yours. I have faith in you. Please have faith in us.
  18. If anyone wants to talk about this further, I’m here. I’d appreciate it if you would email me directly at devflaherty@li.st rather than post comments below. I know some of you have had very specific experiences and concerns. Then maybe we can even talk on the phone?
  19. I really love all you guys. I am listening. Never get that twisted. - Dev