Because nothing says holiday cheer like skinny jeans and mid-2000s angst.
  1. "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out" by Fall Out Boy
    And all I want this year is you to dedicate your last breath to me before you bury yourself alive.
  2. "The Lights and Buzz" by Jack's Mannequin
    I'll take a west coast winter to remove my splinters.
  3. "Winter Passing" by The Academy Is...
    So stay with me here, nose nose, cold enough to see our breath slowly escapes and exchanges...
  4. "12.23.95" by Jimmy Eat World
    I didn't mean to leave you hanging on.
  5. "Forget December" by Something Corporate
    These words are tainted with years of jaded innocence that's all but gone.
  6. "I Hate Christmas Parties" by Relient K
    I look under the tree, but there's nothing to see... 'Cause it's a broken heart that you're giving me.
  7. "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" by blink-182
    Outside the carolers start to sing. I can't describe the joy they bring 'cause joy is something they don't bring me.
  8. "Christmas List" by Simple Plan
    Santa is coming tonight, and I want a car, and I want a life, and I want a first class trip to Hawaii.
  9. "Christmas Celebration" by Weezer
    And the presents are in place, but I'd rather eat some mace 'cause the eggnog always makes me sick.
  10. "Ex-Miss" by New Found Glory
    Everything that could have went wrong went wrong this year.
  11. "Together We'll Ring In The New Year" by Motion City Soundtrack
    Why did I come? Oh, why did I come here? These humans all suck. I'd rather be home, feeling violent and lonely.