Healthy meals and snacks that are tasteful

Keep in mind: I am not a chef
  1. Toasted english muffin with creamy peanut butter
  2. Strawberry banana smoothie
    A handful of ice cubes. One banana. About 8 frozen strawberries. 1/3 cup milk. Two spoonfuls of vanilla or strawberry greek chobani yogurt. Blend!
  3. Vegetable stir fry
    Heat olive olive in a pan. Add Steamed broccoli. Chopped carrots. Chopped white onions. Chopped peppers of various colors. Sliced cherry tomatoes. Little less than 1/4 cup soy sauce. Salt. Pepper. Ground red pepper.
  4. Scrambled eggs with salt and pepper. Whole grain toast with creamy peanut butter
  5. Açai smoothie bowls
    These can be homemade, although I buy them freshly made at the local health foods market
  6. Dried pineapple
  7. Carrots and ranch dip