Hot Takes 🔥

This is a compilation of ideas and are merely hot takes. Some I may want to see happen, others not so much
  1. Every reality TV show star put together into one massive reality TV show
    Man, now that would be good drama and high ratings. Cmon people. Give it to me.
  2. A @john Christmas Album
  3. Each state having a personalized candle scent
    New Jersey would be a mix of urban, farm, and suburb scents. As known as a total disaster.
  4. Will Ferrel should do a dark and depressing movie
  5. Healthy fast food restaurants
  6. In some way, shape, or form, everything we see on social media is a perfectly sculpted lie
  7. Ross and Rachel were not on a break
  8. Shane Dawson is part of the illuminati
  9. Kale or any vegetable for that matter does not belong in a smoothie
    Fruits only please.
  10. The world will end from the super volcano erupting under Yellowstone National Park and the smoke will be so heavy it blocks the sun causing an inevitable ice age
  11. We never landed on the moon
    Debatable? I don't quite know.
  12. Automatic heated socks
    I cannot help that I suffer from the cold and clammy feet syndrome.
  13. In order for pants to be considered pants, they must have pockets
    Pocketless pants are fooling with us.
  14. Curly fries are the worst type of fries
  15. Born and Raised was @john best album
  16. Cats are just as important as dogs