San Francisco is weird: east vs west coast

  1. I have never seen so much fog in my life
  2. And the fog only surrounds the city and the nearby beaches
    If you drive 20 minutes away then it can be hot and sunny so the weather change is weird
  3. Is it never clear skies and sunny in the city though?
  4. It's in the high 50's but it is the middle of July? What is it like in December??
  5. Everyone on the streets move really slow compared to New York. It feels less like a hustle and bustle atmosphere and more laid back.
  6. No bagels shops on the west
  7. The mountains are so big and the road is carved right into it. So scary driving on the edge.
  8. The city feels so small compared to New York City
  9. The houses are rainbow colored in SF
  10. Also the houses are all attached to each other
  13. Do people from cali not know what seltzer is? I asked for it 3 times and the waiters all responded with "you mean club soda?"