1. ‼️
    This emoji says it all for me. Am I excited? Happy? Outraged? Angry? In trouble? Celebratory? Trying to get your attention? Double red exclamation point is here to help!
  2. 🌞
    The v v cool sun. He knows we're glad to see him.
  3. 😶
    When you literally have no words so you don't even have a mouth.
  4. 😁
    The actual smiley face looks off-putting and untrustworthy. If I'm really happy I go with this guy. He can't contain it -he's so freakin' excited! (Target lady voice)
  5. 😐
    This is as close to a "shaking my head" or "palm to face" emoji as we've got. This guy basically says "Welp."
  6. 🙅🏻
    Of all the versions of this chick, she's my favorite. Nope, no way, absolutely not, get out of here!
  7. 💕
    The double hearts work double for me: 1) if I really love you a lot. I imagine them like cartoon hearts radiating from my head. 2) I am being facetious about how much I love you
  8. 🆒
    All my sass in one convenient emoji.