I go though cycles of being obsessed with things. Then the obsession fades. And it inevitably strikes again at some point.
  1. Cereal
    I consistently love cereal. I don't consistently eat it. I could literally go weeks without a bowl, and then one day a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch won't last more the 48 hours in my presence.
  2. Sitcoms I've seen more than once
    I can actually go for a long time without a Netflix binge. Then one day I'll have a little time to kill, so I pick a random episode from season three of Parks & Rec, and then I cannot stop watching until I finish the series.
  3. Tea
    I don't drink tea everyday, but sometimes I drink five cups of tea in one day.
  4. Taylor Swift
    I will always love and support her music, but sometimes I skip her when she comes on shuffle. And sometimes I only listen to 1989 on repeat in my car for two weeks straight.
  5. Running
    Man, if I get on a running kick, I just love the crap out of a good long run. And then it only takes about a week of not running for me to turn lazy and hateful towards cardio again.