Hey, did you guys know that Italy is a different country? I know, crazy! It's not that different from back home, but sometimes my heart longs for the simple things...
  1. Dryers
    Honestly what is the point of washing your clothes when you have to go all 1865 and let them air dry? Don't worry, I'm washing my clothes. But I dread it. Every time I do laundry I end up hanging my underwear all over the apartment to let it dry, because my little drying rack only fits like 2 shirts. Good thing I don't entertain!
  2. Peanut butter
    You don't know what you got til it's gone 💔💔💔
  3. Unfriendly neighbors
    Warning: major Grinch over here! I've lived in the same house in West Babylon my entire life, and we don't have neighbor friends. Sure, we're friendly with the surrounding houses, but a heyhowareya is about as far as it gets. Here, everybody knows everybody, and everybody knows everything about everybody, and everybody talks to you for an hour about everybody. Let me scurry into the darkness of my home in peace!!!!
  4. Cheddar cheese
    I love mozz as much as the next guy, but can a girl get some Vermont extra sharp around here?!?!
  5. Windows
    In Europe, everything is like 1,000 years old. That includes the windows, at least in my house. We've got those old timey windows that work in two layers: the glass opens into the house, towards you, and then the wooden shutters open outward. There are no screens, so if you want a nice breeze, you also let in the entire insect animal kingdom. And if you want darkness, stick your body halfway out the window to retrieve those shutters, just don't fall! I miss blinds/curtains.