Little things I notice, appreciate & admire about my cool bf !!!
  1. When you bought an umbrella before we even started dating because you wanted to come to my rescue if I was ever caught in the rain.
  2. When you surprised me with a date in Boston (twice!) and brought me a flowers each time.
  3. When you get passionate about something (anything!).
  4. When you show your love for Christ through your daily actions.
  5. When you pray every time we sit down for a meal.
  6. When you held your jacket over my head when it was raining.
  7. When you take charge.
  8. When I can trust you to lead.
  9. When you show how much you care for your bros.
  10. When you show how much you care for your family.
  11. When you take heed to others' advice.
  12. When you continually work to grow your faith.
  13. When you invest your time into helping others' grow their faith.
  14. When you encourage me.
  15. When you hold the door open for me.
  16. When you download my favorite music so we can listen to it in the car.
  17. When you explain things to me, from complex thoughts to basketball lingo.
  18. When you make me feel beautiful even when I don't FEEL beautiful.
  19. When you get excited about things I get excited about.
  20. When you PRETEND to be excited about things I get excited about.
  21. When you hold my purse if I don't have enough hands.
  22. When you carried by bright pink backpack all day in Disney and wore it proudly.
  23. When you call me "babe".
  24. When your life is a picture of godly manhood.
  25. When you listen to my when I go off on a tangent.
  26. When you give the best hugs and I never want to let go.
  27. When you're patient with me when I am trying to find the words to express my thoughts.
  28. When you hit the quan.
  29. When you give me the better piece of pizza.
  30. When you send me pictures of dogs you think I'll like.
  31. When you make me laugh.
  32. When you take pride in your appearance.
  33. When you call me even when I'm half asleep.
  34. When you put your hand on my leg.
  35. When you appreciate the beauty of nature with me.
  36. When you watched all the Harry Potter movies and cuddled with me.
  37. When you put God first.
  38. When you're intentional.
  39. When you show humility.
  40. When you challenge me to become more Christ-focused.
  41. When you serve.
  42. When you accept me for who I am.
  43. When you let me stumble through my words.
  44. When you smile.
  45. When you are relentless in worshipping God with your life.
  46. When you want to spend time with my parents.
  47. When you want me to spend time with your parents.
  48. When you see a full moon and tell me about it.
  49. When you confide in me.
  50. When you called me from China on Christmas, even though it was like $60 a minute.
  51. When you want to share life with me.
  52. When you call me from work and tell me about the crazy people you deal with.
  53. When you play guitar for me.
  54. When you're so #smooooooth.
  55. When you make me like you more and more each day.
  56. When you call it like it is.
  57. When you build people up when others are tearing them down.
  58. When you agree to see how nice my hands feel after I use a new body scrub.
  59. When you let me just look at you and appreciate you.
  60. When you just look at me and appreciate me.
  61. When you can talk theology without being obnoxious (which is hard to do for a lot of people!)
  62. When you get really excited and detailed when describing movies/types of scenes you really like
  63. When you defend me
  64. When you are able to have the tough conversations
  65. When you can be challenged
  66. When you respect my parents
  67. When you show your teachability
  68. When you teach me things
  69. When you make me feel like the only girl in the world
  70. When you embrace the fact that my hair will always be messy