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I am not for violence but sometimes you just want to punch a bitch !
  1. Old ladies in a grocery store
    The ones that decide to stop in the middle of aisle and never seem to notice that people are clogged up behind them
  2. Person who won't let you merge
    They pretend that they don't see you and stare straight ahead ... I know you see me !!
  3. Bench warmer at gym
    It's not a chair ... If you want to watch tv , go home and let me work out please !
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So many great movies out there and movie junkies often have to do a lot of digging to find new ones .. Here is my gift to anyone that wants to round out there movie experience
  1. Whiplash
    Ya you have heard of it , but did you watch it ?? Great performances and talk about motivating !!
  2. Talk to her
    About the natures of love and how well we really know the people we love
  3. Cinema paradiso
    A must watch for anyone who claims to love movies
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I constantly imagine a world where I don't need a paycheck and perfect job exist ... While I love what I do , who wouldn't want to do this for a living . Some are fictional others are not
  1. Puppy playtime coordinator
    Responsibilities would be playing with puppies and making sure they are having fun until they adopted
  2. Vice reporter
    War torn country , yep , possible death , yep exotic locals yep seeing different perspectives on life ... Absolutely !
  3. Gym extra
    I would work out in a gym so that when prospective clients come in they would see me working out and think that others liked the gym and find it more desirable
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