So many great movies out there and movie junkies often have to do a lot of digging to find new ones .. Here is my gift to anyone that wants to round out there movie experience
  1. Whiplash
    Ya you have heard of it , but did you watch it ?? Great performances and talk about motivating !!
  2. Talk to her
    About the natures of love and how well we really know the people we love
  3. Cinema paradiso
    A must watch for anyone who claims to love movies
  4. Primer
    Make sure you pay close attention !!
  5. Upstream color
    Same director as primer , heavily symbolic
  6. Night watch
    Love action , the supernatural and Russian death metal? I got you covered
  7. Old boy ( Korean version )
    Must watch ! Part of the vengeance trilogy others are the next 2 on list
  8. No sympathy mr. Vengeance
  9. Lady vengeance
  10. Breaking the Waves
    Be prepared for devastation after watching this ...
  11. Audition (Japanese )
    Very slow start but worth it
  12. Pan's labyrinth
    I am still pissed this didn't win best foreign film , dark and beautiful
  13. The skin I live in
    Twisted and memorizing
  14. Millers crossing
    Coen brothers at their best !
  15. The bride with white hair
    Like crouching tiger hidden dragon ? Check out this gem
  16. Riki-oh
    Camp at its best !