I am not for violence but sometimes you just want to punch a bitch !
  1. Old ladies in a grocery store
    The ones that decide to stop in the middle of aisle and never seem to notice that people are clogged up behind them
  2. Person who won't let you merge
    They pretend that they don't see you and stare straight ahead ... I know you see me !!
  3. Bench warmer at gym
    It's not a chair ... If you want to watch tv , go home and let me work out please !
  4. Guys with ballsack hanging from truck
    Don't think I need to explain this one
  5. Slow walkers at the mall
    Pretty much the same thing as the old ladies at the grocery store
  6. People who have never seen Star Wars
    I am sorry your parents locked you in a closet...
  7. Guys that forget leg day
    Chicken legs are just unattractive
  8. People that swerve around you in gridlocked traffic
    I know being one car length further is the difference between life and death
  9. Men that have opinions on abortion
    When you can have a baby , come talk to me
  10. People that post pictures of all their meals
    Is your life that empty ?
  11. People with screaming kids in public places that pretend not to hear them
    My ears are bleeding
  12. People on their phones during a movie
    This brings me closest to punching someone !!
  13. Kanye west
    What list face punching list wouldn't be complete without him !!