As a woman in music I'm happy to report that these encounters are few and far between (though that may be due to the fact that nobody's heard of my band)
  1. The girl in the band plays a headlining show, all is merry. The casual misogynist enjoys the show but doesn't like that the girl in the band talks because it makes her less attractive and therefor, just ok at music.
  2. The casual misogynist then assumes the girl in the band got the gig by way of sexy time nepotism.
  3. She plays an outdoor festival and many unprecedented technical difficulties seize her table of synths. Her band-mate tries to help. The casual misogynist assumes that what's actually happening is that a helpless girl who must be a novice needs the knowing hand of her manly man lead singer to save the day.
  4. The casual misogynist poses as a photographer at a show, procures the bands email and solicits the girl in the band relentlessly for her number and a date. He then calls her a cunt when she communicates discomfort at his advances.
  5. After the girl in the band publicly outs his grotesque behavior and his name and his place of employment, the casual misogynist threatens legal action. Cause for legal action? Calling her a cunt was "privileged information"