I must genuinely believe that a new do will fix my life's problems or at least, help disguise me from them
  1. Blonde
    F8a54871 3fc9 4a53 bcfd cc5d7b458d7f
  2. Platinum-blonde
    Ee8778ee b140 477e 88b7 8ed0c1a7fb28
    Blonderexia is real.
  3. Gray
    A63ea8da 7749 47cf a6ef d81bd4574c94
    A personal favorite, mostly because I felt like I could channel Bea Arthur and it was awesome
  4. Baby blonde with natural roots
    7ce00336 3ef4 4935 a8a6 1bdf1a467fa1
    And a pretty severe hair chop because Blonderexia did its damage
  5. Red
    Be0431e0 28e3 4dc0 9a94 eadc4f7edc4f
    This is current as of yesterday. It's the only color I hadn't tried so I was like, fuck it.