ListApp, it's been a minute. I know it's a dick move that I'm already asking for favors. But id love your help. I'm in LA until the 28th, and I really wanna make my time in this mystical-West-Coast- fairyland-desert count
  1. Physical activity
    Hiking to the Hollywood sign? Free tennis? Ninja school?
  2. Best thrift or vintage store
    Like, where I can have flashbacks of a past life by touching a brocade clutch (are brocade clutches actually a thing?) or a porcelain pill box that was previously home to barbiturates and Dexedrine. Or any place that's reasonably pricedI will take too
  3. Best boutiques for show clothes
    I don't really follow fashion, and my personal stage style has been likened to Blanche Devereaux, if she joined an electronic band. So anyplace that's all about showing the good and lots of sequins.
  4. Best beauty store that isn't Sephora
    And I mean, if anyone knows of where to find a foundation for my weird ass Slavic skin tone (basically a pale olive but cool, with yellow, but not too yellow, but also with redness)
  5. Best tarot reader, or psychic, or astrologist
    Because I'm over taking control of my destiny and just want someone else to tell me what my deal is
  6. Best acupuncturist
    Ideally someone who can fundamentally change my physical being and health
  7. Best plastic surgeon
    Ideally someone who can fundamentally change my face
  8. Best Talent Agency
    I mean, who knows? Maybe I should make like Bluetooth and be discoverable
  9. Magic shop
    To help me with my career
  10. Book store
    To help me with my MIND
  11. Time portal
    Because yes, I do have regrets.
  12. Best Synth/music store
    You know, because I hate myself and want to get baited into saying smug shit.
  13. Best dog park
    For the best dog in the world
  14. Anything that's quintessential for you
    And preferably, free