A boy can dream...
  1. No zigzagging or inconsistent pacing
  2. Keep to the right, and keep your kid/dog on your side too (goes for escalators as well)
  4. Doorways and stairways, not a place for congregating
  5. Let people OUT of the subways/elevators first
  6. Your stroller is not a battering ram...
  7. Queue like an Englishman (far fetched I know)
  8. Just don't walk with a map, or be caught with one for that matter
  9. If you need to stop, be flush with the buildings
  10. In a group? Walk in twos side by side. "One's company, two's a crowd, three's a party"
  11. Jaywalking. Not just efficient, but expected
  12. Beware of bikers
  13. Don't be fat
  14. When in doubt, moonwalk. No one will question your antics.