These babies have a 20-90 percent chance of making me put down the remote.
  1. Any Harry Potter except the latter half of Order of the Phoenix.
    I just can't with all Harry and Dumbledore's angst. Ugh Dumbledore doesn't love me. Ugh Cho Change is grieving. Ugh I'm weirdly connected to Cedoric and he's gone even though we weren't friends I'm pissed. Ugh I'm 16 why won't anyone let me participate in a war? UGH. Enough, Harry.
  2. Anything with Nicolas Cage.
    He's like the screaming goat of humanity and I'm just so happy he exists.
  3. A Cinderella Story.
    Hillary and Chad 4eva.
  4. 90's Disney Films.
    Mostly for the star studded credit songs.
  5. SciFi Channel Originals
    I break for giant man eating dessert/ocean/space/underground/sky creatures.