If you are reading this John, I appreciate and love you. @john
  1. Thank you for being the one and only musician I can listen to, to instantly feel okay.
    Missing someone. Project I spent hours meticulously filming and editing deleted. Just an awful, stressful day. No worries. You are there to mend me together with your comforting words and all those problems seem to vanish.
  2. Thank you for always being there to fill the depressing silence
    After a screaming match or fight in the car, there is silence and tension in the air. Not a word is spoken between us for hours and hours, but you always seem to break the ice and fill the empty space with your music. You are there when I need you most.
  3. Thank you for staying true to what you love
    Born and Raised and Paradise Valley are homes to the songs I hold near and dear to my heart. If I Ever Get Around To Living, Walt Grace, Waiting On The Day, and On The Way Home, are masterpieces, little hidden treasures that I hope the luckiest of people find. Thank you for writing music that you love and not conforming to one specific sound forever.
  4. Thank you for singing me to sleep every night
    Truth be told, I play my "Bed Time John Mayer" playlist every night before bed. I play it out loud on my phone and stick my phone underneath my pillow. It plays all night until dawn. Without you, I would not be able to sleep so soundly.
  5. Thank you for my first concert
    April 5th, 2017 at Madison Square Garden for The Search For Everything was my first concert. After seeing you and the band play live, I never want to see any other artist live in concert besides you. That is quite close minded to say, but I don't believe any other concert or musician will ever compare. I will never forget April 5th. It was the most memorable day of my life.
  6. Thank you for all your words.
    Oh you know. The funny words. The intellectual words. All the words you ramble on and on with. I love it. I get lost in it. I get tangled in your extended metaphors. I live for it. And it all somehow gets my mind off of everything and gets me thinking of the things no one thinks about.
  7. Just thank you for everything and more.
    I love you @john