Not an expectation but a gentle dream.
  1. Study Abroad in England at Bournemouth University for a semester
  2. Graduate from college with a masters in filmmaking
  3. Move out to where ever I need to in order to find a starter job in the film industry
  4. Spend a few years learning the ropes and become absolutely obsessed with what I do to be able to be one of the most skilled editors
    Another dream job would be a Film Location Scout. I love traveling but I feel that flying every other day and never being home gets quite taxing.
  5. Now this is where the struggle begins...
  6. Get married
  7. Have kids
  8. And live in a small town in Southwest Montana outside Yellowstone National Park
    Hard to have both: a job within film and live in doesn't work well together unfortunately.
  9. Buy an airstream to accompany our home
  10. Road trip with the family across the country and back
    Of course to see all the National Parks and little hidden gems of history
  11. Show the kids the world and have them learn by seeing and experiencing
  12. Have them homeschooled if they want
    No offense to all the teacher's out there but I do not feel strongly about the education system. I don't want them to feel defeated by a test number that they spent days trying to memorize terms to. I don't want them sitting inside for hours doing homework after spending 7 hours inside "learning". I want them out in the world. I want them to learn by seeing and experiencing moments. I want them to have character and enjoy life as it happens, not worrying all the time.
  13. Take up a career in writing and publish a book
    Maybe when I am not as shy about people reading my writing.
  14. And eventually, when I am retired from film, open up my own coffee shop and bakery