What can I say?
  1. Love, Rosie
    Rosie is giving a wedding speech to the bride and Alex (the groom) after getting married. She indirectly reveals that she still loves Alex in front of everyone...at the after party! He knows it too and he knows he just made a huge mistake.
  2. UP
    The beginning of this movie gets me every time. It's too sad seeing their hopes and dreams together die (not for long). The music really makes it 100x more emotional.
  3. La La Land
    Oh the ending. Unpredictable. What the audience wants, the audience doesn't get but I understand it. How could Mia get married to someone else 😭
  4. The Fox and the Hound
    How can you not cry when the baby fox's mothers gets shot and killed in front of his own eyes? Then once he grows up, the care taker sets him off into the wilderness again and it is the hardest, most heart wrenching goodbye...ever.
  5. Remember Me
    The dramatic zoom out at the end. Then suddenly it all makes sense. The son's dad worked in the World Trade Center and all of a sudden chaos begins. It was 9/11. The movie ends on that note, with the plane crashing into the building and the son dies. 😭
  6. A Street Cat Named Bob
    The whole time I was crying because I didn't want the cat to get lost or hurt even though nothing bad happens to him. I have a soft spot of animals.
  7. The Notebook
    Giphy downsized medium
    How can this movie not make the list.......?