1. Drinking tea
  2. Sunset pictures
  3. The 1975
  4. Coachella
  5. The Great Gatsby
  6. Starbucks
  7. Going to the beach
    Oh you went to the beach? Did you happen to post 12 photos of you with captions like "beach hair, don't care!" or "salt life!"
  8. Roses or any other type of popular flower
  9. Football
  10. Milk and Honey poetry book
    Not to be the annoying person who says "oh I knew about that before it got popular" but I KNEW ABOUT THAT BEFORE IT GOT POPULAR, OKAY. I think people just like it for the aesthetic purposes and not for the act of reading poetry, but that's just me.
  11. Game of Thrones / Harry Potter / Divergent / The Hunger Games
  12. Partying every chance you get
  13. Anything pumpkin flavored
  14. Black Tap milkshake restaurant or The Sugar Factory
    Not sure if everyone will know what these places are, both are in NYC. Black Tap makes ridiculously large milkshakes and the Sugar Factory makes sugary drinks with dry ice. (Extremely popular for the IG pictures)
  15. Lokai bracelets
  16. Mean Girls
  17. A member of the Kardashian family