1. I always try to give people the most attention when they speak
    Even if I am dozing off into my own sea of thoughts, I still try to make the person speaking feel enthusiastic and comfortable about what they are saying. No one does this for me unfortunately.
  2. I never ignore someone
    I will always answer to make them feel better. It might not always been a long response but I will say a simple "I understand" or "oh okay!" But I'm often left ignored after saying something I'm really excited about. Sigh.
  3. I try to include everyone
    If there is a new girl, I will definitely be the first to introduce myself and make her feel welcome because that is always a hard position to be in. If we are standing in a circle talking and someone is kind of to the side, I will be sure to step back and allow them into the group.
  4. I always agree just to avoid an argument
    I keep my most important opinions to myself. I don't like starting something over something not that important to me anyway.
  5. I smile and wave even if I don't know the person well
    Just to make them have a better morning...again no one ever does this for me. Thanks lol.
  6. I also compliment people on stuff that I don't even like just to be nice and make them feel confident
    Said I liked a girls shoes yesterday but I didn't even like them that much. But it made her smile so... :)
  7. I don't look down on people who are younger than me
    We are generally the same if you are 2 or 3 years younger. Why be rude?