I'm over exaggerating. But these problems just give me so much unwanted stress and worry so here we go!
  1. School is in full swing
    I get tired as soon as I get home from being around everyone all day and having to be 100% "on" at all times. I'm drowning in work. Super stressed.
  2. I have to apply to colleges.
    So overwhelming.
  3. I have to retake the SAT
    Great. Another standardized test that I will do terrible on.
  4. My parents are making me get a job
    Never had a job before. I'm scared. How does one apply?
  5. My parents are also making me get my permit and license
    I have a phobia of driving. When they just told me they are taking me to get my permit, I started balling my eyes out. I can't do it. I'm so unbelievably afraid.
  6. Soccer starts soon
    And I am not in shape because I am too tired when I get home to workout or I am swamped with work or worrying about whatever else.
  7. I wish I wasn't so afraid of the unknown! And I wish I didn't worry about little everything! How do you make it stop?!