This topic gets me sensitive.
  1. It started when I was around the age of 10
    It has happened a good 12,13,14 times since then.
  2. It is same nightmare about driving
  3. I take my moms car out in the middle of night, with no knowledge of how to drive
  4. I am on the highway and I crash into every car I see
  5. The graphics are the worst part. I see everything....everyone...dead.
  6. The car I am driving is indestructible
  7. I keep crashing into other people but I continue driving like nothing happened
  8. I panic and try to stop the car but I can't seem to figure it out.
  9. So I just keep driving
  10. And I keep killing all these innocent people
  11. Then I wake up.
  12. This fear has carried into my real life
  13. I refuse to learn how to drive. I won't step foot into the driver's seat.
  14. And if anyone ever mentions "you need to learn, you are nearly 18 years old" or "it's easy, don't worry you'll be fine", I get stone cold, yet on the verge of tears, because no one understands this pain.
  15. How sad is that