I really like the progression of this ✨
  1. Baker with my own bakery business
    1st grade, probably.
  2. Artist
    Preferably a specialist in water color painting...2nd to 4th grade.
  3. Photographer
    5th grade.
  4. Event Planner
    This one quickly faded away. 6th and 7th grade.
  5. Sports reporter for soccer or basketball
    All of middle school
  6. Talk Show Host / Interviewer
    TOTALLY FORGOT THIS ONE. I wanted my own talk show because I used to love The Ellen Show. This was between 8th grade and freshman year too.
  7. Journalist and/or Writer
    Freshman year.
  8. Camera operator/audio engineer/television director for live broadcasts
    I spent a year doing this and let me tell you...these jobs are insanely difficult. You are constantly in a high stress and high pressure environment. And you can't make a mistake or else everyone sees it so I have a lot of respect for people who do this for a living. Freshman year.
  9. Movie location scout
    An ongoing dream all during high school. It sounds quite nice to travel and find locations for movies to be filmed but then you realize you have to make all the plans of renting out the spaces and MONEY and MATH and no thanks.
  10. Filmmaker
    Junior and senior year. This is better suited for me than doing live broadcasts. I can't decide if I want to direct television shows with characters or a reality show or a documentary type show. I can't decide if I want to direct small short films for commercials or an actual movie or a documentary. There is so many options I can choose by being a filmmaker and I can't quite make a choice just yet.