Inspired by @john
  1. Owning a second house in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado
  2. Traveling all around Europe
    England, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Poland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands
  3. Learning how fly fish
  4. Having brunch every sunday with the family
  5. Being a member of a country club
  6. Learning how to golf
  7. Planting and maintaing my own garden
  8. Rereading the same books I read in high school that I loved
    Memories by Lang Leav, East of Eden by John Steinbecm
  9. Watching a film that I make back over again
    Assuming I'll be a documentarian filmmaker
  10. Still listening to John Mayer and being amazed by the same 7 albums that I probably heard 450 times.
    Remembering when and where I first heard these songs too
  11. Telling stories