1. Ryan Gosling is beautifully and magnificently talented
    Act, dance, sing, plays piano. What can't he do?
  2. The unpredictable storyline
  3. I love the theme song
  4. How the end shows what Mia's life would be like if she chose to live her life with Sebastian
    I love how it replays the whole movie but it replaces Sebastian into it. I cry during this part the entire time.
  5. Sebastian uses Mia's design for his night club
  6. The part where Sebastian honks his horn for so long in the beginning but it becomes significant when he finds her house across from the library
  7. It shows how the person you love is not always the person you end up with. And that the person you love can just be there to push you towards your dreams.
  8. The cinematography is beautiful
    When they are at the Griffith Observatory and fly into space ❤️
  9. The camera shots and movement are creative
    I have never seen anything like it
  10. It's dramatic but not too dramatic like many other musicals
  11. There is just the right amount of songs. The singing and dancing is not overdone.